Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
SesencoOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Seumas Mac ThorsteynOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Sláine inghean Uí RuadháinOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
Stigh JoghenssonOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2022
Steina SilversmithBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Steina SilversmithOrder of the Golden Staple22/10/2022
Steina SilversmithOrder of the Rowan Berries22/10/2022
Shinjo TakameOrder of the Golden Staple19/03/2022
Stobold of St UrsulaBaronial Cypher11/04/2021
Skiotr of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2020
Skæringr ArtaArmoured Combat Champion07/12/2019
Salbiorg VisOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/2019
Safiya bint Abd al-ShahidOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/2019
Stobold of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple23/11/2019
Stone of RowanyBaronial Guard18/04/2019
Salbiorg VisOrder of the Dovetail23/03/2018
Stigh JoghenssonYeomanry15/04/2017
Safiya bint al-ShadhidOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2016
Svanhild Inn UrsulaBaronial Companion17/05/2015
Sigvaldr SviðandiBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Sigvaldr SviðandiOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Sorle MaknicollOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Science of St UrsulaOrder of the Rowan Berries17/05/2014
Sophia van DorneOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Sigvaldr SviðandiYeomanry17/05/2014
Stigh JoghenssonArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2012
Skarp-Heðin SverðvarpnirOrder of the Golden Staple01/10/2012
Sorle MaknicollBaronial Cypher05/04/2010
Styvyn LongshanksBaronial Cypher12/12/2009
Szebastian GreenbowBaronial Guard12/12/2009
Styvyn LongshanksRowany Bard20/06/2009
Sihtric SilfrorBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Styvyn LongshanksBaronial Guard13/12/2008
Sorle MaknicollBaronial Guard22/03/2008
Sveinn inn kyrri GrimssonOrder of the Rowan Berries09/03/2008
Sihtric SilfrorBaronial Guard08/12/2007
Sveinn inn kyrri GrimssonOrder of the Golden Staple07/04/2007
Sihtric SilfrorOrder of the Golden Staple13/06/2004
Sean the BastardYeomanry13/03/2004
Sean the BastardOrder of the Golden Staple09/03/2002
Silfren the SingerOrder of the Golden Staple08/12/2001
Sihtric SilfrörOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2001
Sean the BastardBaronial Guard25/11/2000
Sebastiann PennOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Stigh JoghenssonBaronial Guard01/03/1992