Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
Kinggiyadai OrlokArmoured Combat Champion09/12/2023
Kaitorix AvernomOrder of the Rowan Berries09/12/2023
Kolfinna BurlufótrOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil09/12/2023
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Rowan Haft10/12/2022
Kaitorix AvernomOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Kira of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Kaitorix AvernomBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Kallisfeniia TykvinaBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Katerina Cuylter of LancastreBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Keridwen the MouseBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Kaitorix AvernomBaronial Cypher19/03/2022
KyrosOrder of the Rowan Berries17/12/2021
Keridwen the MouseBaronesses Champion07/12/2019
Katla KnarrabringaOrder of the Golden Staple28/07/2018
Katherne RischerOrder of the Rowan Berries25/03/2018
Kelly of St MonicaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Golden Staple30/05/2015
Kathryn van AmereBaronial Companion13/12/2014
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Frantic Falcon17/05/2014
Katherne RischerOrder of the Frantic Falcon25/04/2011
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Golden Staple22/05/2010
Katherne RischerOrder of the Frantic Falcon03/12/2005
Kinggiyadai OrlokArmoured Combat Champion13/12/2003
Katherne RischerOrder of the Golden Staple01/03/2003
Kinggiyadai OrlokOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/2002
Karl Faustus von AachenOrder of the Golden Staple18/08/2001
Karl Faustus von AachenRowany Bard01/04/2000
Kinggiyadai OrlokYeomanry04/12/1999
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/03/1999
Kiriel du PapillonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Kinggiyadai OrlokBaronial Guard15/04/1995
Keridwen the MouseYeomanry01/12/1994
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Rowan Berries26/11/1994
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Golden Staple30/07/1994
Keridwen the MouseBaronial Guard12/12/1992