Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
Victrix Banner
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
Rowland BridgefordOrder of the Frantic Falcon22/04/2024
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Archery Champion09/12/2023
Royal WarbandVictrix Banner17/04/2023
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Companion10/12/2022
Raegan of LunihawkBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher11/06/2022
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Rosalind BeaufortOrder of the Golden Staple11/04/2021
Raegan of LunihawkOrder of the Dovetail13/12/2020
Ran NjalldottirOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2020
Ranif PallesserOrder of the Rowan Berries05/05/2019
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Companion16/03/2019
Ran NjalldottirOrder of the Rowan Berries12/04/2018
Rosalind BeaufortOrder of the Frantic Falcon10/12/2016
Raegan of LunihawkRapier Combat Champion10/12/2016
Raegan of LunihawkYeomanry10/12/2016
Ranif PallesserBaronial Guard16/04/2016
Raegan of LunihawkOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2016
Ranif PallesserYeomanry30/05/2015
Ranif PallesserOrder of the Golden Staple14/03/2015
Rosy of RowanyBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Raegan of LunihawkBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Rainald FitzrenyardOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2005
Robert the StoutBaronial Guard10/04/2004
Rainald FitzrenyardBaronial Guard07/12/2002
Robert GascardeYeomanry07/12/2002
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Rowan Berries04/12/1999
Robert GascardeBaronial Guard29/03/1997
Rainald FitzrenyardOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Riona of CaerleonOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Riona of CaerleonBaronial Guard15/04/1995
Riona of CaerleonOrder of the Rowan Berries26/11/1994
Raoul de ChenonceauxOrder of the Golden Staple01/05/1993
Raoul de ChenonceauxOrder of the Rowan Berries11/04/1993
Raymond of AnnanYeomanry12/12/1992
Raven WulfsbaneBaronial Guard07/12/1991
Raymond of AnnanOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Richard de la CroixOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Raymond of AnnanOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/1991