Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
Aesa DraumspakrOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Aeschine of ArranOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Airdin Mac DaraOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Antoinette Blowme of St CloudOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Ari EgillsdottirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Amy of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple21/04/2024
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Rowan Berries21/04/2024
Amy of RowanyOrder of the Rowan Berries09/03/2024
Arabella d'AubignyBaronial Companion09/12/2023
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Frantic Falcon11/11/2023
Arabella d AubignyOrder of the Frantic Falcon29/07/2023
Angus GalbraithOrder of the Dovetail15/04/2023
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Rowan Berries15/04/2023
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Rowan Berries18/03/2023
ApollothemisOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Anna von der RonBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ariston HegelochouBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ariston HegelochouOrder of the Rowan Berries22/10/2022
Amy of RowanyBaronesses Champion17/12/2021
Ariston HegelochouRapier Combat Champion17/12/2021
Ariston HegelochouBaronial Cypher11/04/2021
Angus GalbraithYeomanry07/12/2019
Arthur of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple23/11/2019
Amelia de la MereOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2019
Ariston HegelochouOrder of the Golden Staple18/04/2019
Ariston HegelochouBaronesses Champion08/12/2018
Arthur of St UrsulaBaronial Guard08/12/2018
Atlia QuintiliaOrder of the Rowan Berries28/07/2018
Anna von der RonOrder of the Golden Staple10/06/2018
Adeliz FergussonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil10/06/2018
Angharad BenbrasBaronial Companion12/12/2017
Andrew DanielsOrder of the Frantic Falcon30/04/2017
Amos IronbeardOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2017
Arabella d AubignyOrder of the Rowan Berries01/04/2017
Anna von der RonOrder of the Rowan Berries04/01/2017
Arabella d'AubignyOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2016
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion10/12/2016
Anna von der RonBaronial Companion03/04/2015
Anton de StocBaronial Artisan13/12/2014
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Dovetail13/12/2014
Annora MartinOrder of the Rowan Berries13/12/2014
Alys DietschOrder of the Dovetail14/06/2014
Agidious de HammoOrder of the Golden Staple19/05/2014
Annabel de SwinburneBaronial Artisan17/05/2014
Aiofe Inghen Conchabhair Baronial Companion17/05/2014
AlatarBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Anton de StocBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Avery GoodfellowBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Andreas ReinhardtOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/04/2012
Annora MartinOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/04/2012
Ariston HegelochouArmoured Combat Champion03/12/2011
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Ameline de ColwellBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Annabel de SwinburneBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaOrder of the Dovetail17/07/2011
Anton de StocOrder of the Golden Staple17/07/2011
Ariston HegelochouYeomanry17/07/2011
Ariston HegelochouArmoured Combat Champion12/12/2009
Alys DietschBaronial Cypher24/10/2009
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Rowan Berries12/09/2009
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher13/04/2009
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2008
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Golden Staple22/11/2008
Aeron LasairBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Agidious de HammoBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Alfar of AtticaArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2007
Ameline de ColwellBaronial Cypher04/11/2007
Agidious de HammoBaronial Guard01/09/2007
Agidious de HammoBaronial Guard09/04/2007
Aeron LasairOrder of the Rowan Berries01/01/2007
Alfar of AtticaArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2004
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Golden Staple23/10/2004
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Golden Staple13/03/2004
Annabel de SwinburneOrder of the Golden Staple12/12/2003
Adriano dell IsolaOrder of the Golden Staple07/06/2003
Alfgeirr AgnarsonBaronial Guard01/12/2002
Annabel de SwinburneOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2002
Angus GalbraithBaronial Guard05/04/2002
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion07/02/2002
Alarice Beatrix von ThalOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2001
Adrienne of InnilgardBaronial Guard01/04/2001
Angus GalbraithOrder of the Golden Staple25/11/2000
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion25/11/2000
Aidan O'NeillBaronial Guard20/04/2000
Ale ConstantineBaronial Guard01/04/1999
Amadeus of AmesburyOrder of the Golden Staple03/01/1999
Aeron LasairOrder of the Golden Staple01/08/1998
Alaric LongshaftBaronial Guard10/04/1998
Arianna of LongnerOrder of the Golden Staple29/11/1997
Alaine Bartholomew LorenzOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil29/03/1997
Armand de RochefortOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil29/03/1997
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/03/1997
Alfar of AtticaYeomanry30/11/1996
Alexios ThrakesesOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Aveline de RoetOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Alexios ThrakesesOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Aveline de RoetOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Andre du Mort NoirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1996
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Golden Staple04/12/1993
Antonia Ambrosia IlliricaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil08/04/1993
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Guard01/04/1993
Alexios ThrakesesYeomanry12/12/1992
AkiraBaronial Guard07/12/1991
Alarice Beatrix von ThalOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Artos BarefootOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991