Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Rowan Haft09/12/2023
Leifa of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple18/04/2019
Liam?Baronial Guard08/12/2018
Lady HostiliaOrder of the Rowan Berries08/12/2018
LeifBaronial Guard20/04/2018
Llywelyn PenbrasOrder of the Dovetail12/10/2016
Lilavati MetoikeOrder of the Rowan Berries05/12/2015
Lorcan of RiverhavenOrder of the Frantic Falcon17/05/2014
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Rowan Berries17/05/2014
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinYeomanry17/05/2014
Lyssa LlewensdottirOrder of the Frantic Falcon18/04/2014
Lilavati MetoikeOrder of the Golden Staple26/03/2011
Lannekin Eld WolfArmoured Combat Champion11/12/2010
Lilya bint HizirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2009
Leinad of StoweBaronial Guard10/04/2009
Lannekin Eld WolfArmoured Combat Champion13/12/2008
Lyssa LlewensdottirOrder of the Rowan Berries22/11/2008
Luan an FaelRapier Combat Champion13/12/2003
Loralein dell IsolaOrder of the Golden Staple03/01/2001
Loralein del lIsolaOrder of the Rowan Berries03/01/2001
Líadan ingen MurchadaBaronial Guard29/11/1997
Lars LeifssonYeomanry28/09/1996
Lars LeifssonOrder of the Golden Staple16/04/1995
Lars LeifssonBaronial Guard17/04/1992
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Llewen the UnrulyOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Llewen the UnrulyOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991