Barony of Rowany
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Armoured Combat Champion
Arts & Sciences Champion
Baronesses Champion
Baronial Archery Champion
Baronial Artisan
Baronial Companion
Baronial Cypher
Baronial Guard
Baronial Page
Candle of Friendship
Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
Order of the Golden Staple
Order of the Rowan Berries
Order of the Rowan Haft
Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
Rapier Combat Champion
Rowany Bard
Victrix Banner
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Name Award Date received Sort by date
Clara Bone-AventureOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Clement von ArlonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Caleb AdolphusRapier Combat Champion09/12/2023
Catherine McKenzieOrder of the Golden Staple29/07/2023
Corin AndersonBaronesses Champion10/12/2022
Corin AndersonOrder of the Rowan Haft10/12/2022
Crispin SexiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2022
Caera ShionnachOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil08/12/2018
Caitlin of St. MonicaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Ciaran ShiranuiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Caleb AdolphusArmoured Combat Champion05/12/2015
Cian InsheathgirOrder of the Golden Staple05/12/2015
Cairistiona nic BheathainBaronial Cypher17/05/2014
Caleb AdolphusOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Catherine of GlastonburyOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Collette De HarcourtOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Crispin SexiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Golden Staple14/12/2013
Cristoval GitanoBaronial Cypher24/10/2009
College of St UrsulaVictrix Banner12/04/2009
Caleb AdolphusRapier Combat Champion08/12/2007
Caleb AdolphusYeomanry10/06/2006
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Rowan Berries05/02/2005
Corin AndersonOrder of the Rowan Berries11/12/2004
Caleb AdolphusOrder of the Golden Staple12/06/2004
Cuilen na DiorBaronial Guard02/04/2004
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Golden Staple13/03/2004
Caspian d'NavarreBaronial Guard18/04/2003
Cristoval GitanoOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil18/04/2003
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2002
Caia ConstantinaBaronial Guard08/12/2001
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Frantic Falcon08/12/2001
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Frantic Falcon08/12/2001
Caleb AdolphusBaronial Guard15/12/2000
Carla the UnquestionableOrder of the Frantic Falcon23/04/2000
Caia ConstantinaOrder of the Golden Staple23/04/2000
Constance of MordenvaleOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil21/04/2000
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Golden Staple04/12/1999
Corin AndersonArmoured Combat Champion01/08/1998
Caelyn MacLeodOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Corin AndersonYeomanry28/09/1996
Corin AndersonOrder of the Golden Staple15/04/1995
Corin AndersonBaronial Guard26/11/1994
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Rowan Berries01/06/1994
Caelyn MacLeodOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/1994
Charles of the ParkOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil09/04/1993
Christia BarrettOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991