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Baronesses Champion
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Baronial Artisan
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Order of the Dovetail
Order of the Frantic Falcon
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Order of the Silver Cinquefoil
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Rowany Bard
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Adeliz FergussonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil10/06/2018
Adriano dell IsolaOrder of the Golden Staple07/06/2003
Adrienne of InnilgardBaronial Guard01/04/2001
Aeron LasairBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Aeron LasairOrder of the Rowan Berries01/01/2007
Aeron LasairOrder of the Golden Staple01/08/1998
Aesa DraumspakrOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Aeschine of ArranOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Agidious de HammoOrder of the Golden Staple19/05/2014
Agidious de HammoBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Agidious de HammoBaronial Guard01/09/2007
Agidious de HammoBaronial Guard09/04/2007
Aidan O'NeillBaronial Guard20/04/2000
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaOrder of the Dovetail17/07/2011
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2008
Ailis Inghean MheadhbhaBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Aiofe Inghen Conchabhair Baronial Companion17/05/2014
Airdin Mac DaraOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
AkiraBaronial Guard07/12/1991
Alaine Bartholomew LorenzOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil29/03/1997
Alaric LongshaftBaronial Guard10/04/1998
Alarice Beatrix von ThalOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2001
Alarice Beatrix von ThalOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
AlatarBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Ale ConstantineBaronial Guard01/04/1999
Alexios ThrakesesOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Alexios ThrakesesOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Alexios ThrakesesYeomanry12/12/1992
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Rowan Berries15/04/2023
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher13/04/2009
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Alfar of AtticaArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2007
Alfar of AtticaArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2004
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/03/1997
Alfar of AtticaYeomanry30/11/1996
Alfar of AtticaOrder of the Golden Staple04/12/1993
Alfar of AtticaBaronial Guard01/04/1993
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Rowan Berries12/09/2009
Alfgeirr AgnarsonOrder of the Golden Staple23/10/2004
Alfgeirr AgnarsonBaronial Guard01/12/2002
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Frantic Falcon11/11/2023
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Rowan Berries18/03/2023
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Dovetail13/12/2014
Altani KhalighuOrder of the Golden Staple13/03/2004
Alys DietschOrder of the Dovetail14/06/2014
Alys DietschBaronial Cypher24/10/2009
Amadeus of AmesburyOrder of the Golden Staple03/01/1999
Amelia de la MereOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2019
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Rowan Berries21/04/2024
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/04/2012
Ameline de ColwellBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Ameline de ColwellOrder of the Golden Staple22/11/2008
Ameline de ColwellBaronial Cypher04/11/2007
Amos IronbeardOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2017
Amy of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple21/04/2024
Amy of RowanyOrder of the Rowan Berries09/03/2024
Amy of RowanyBaronesses Champion17/12/2021
Andre du Mort NoirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1996
Andreas ReinhardtOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Andrew DanielsOrder of the Frantic Falcon30/04/2017
Angharad BenbrasBaronial Companion12/12/2017
Angus GalbraithOrder of the Dovetail15/04/2023
Angus GalbraithYeomanry07/12/2019
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion10/12/2016
Angus GalbraithBaronial Guard05/04/2002
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion07/02/2002
Angus GalbraithOrder of the Golden Staple25/11/2000
Angus GalbraithRapier Combat Champion25/11/2000
Anna von der RonBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Anna von der RonOrder of the Golden Staple10/06/2018
Anna von der RonOrder of the Rowan Berries04/01/2017
Anna von der RonBaronial Companion03/04/2015
Annabel de SwinburneBaronial Artisan17/05/2014
Annabel de SwinburneBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Annabel de SwinburneOrder of the Golden Staple12/12/2003
Annabel de SwinburneOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2002
Annora MartinOrder of the Rowan Berries13/12/2014
Annora MartinOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/04/2012
Antoinette Blowme of St CloudOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Anton de StocBaronial Artisan13/12/2014
Anton de StocBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Anton de StocOrder of the Golden Staple17/07/2011
Antonia Ambrosia IlliricaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil08/04/1993
ApollothemisOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Arabella d AubignyOrder of the Frantic Falcon29/07/2023
Arabella d AubignyOrder of the Rowan Berries01/04/2017
Arabella d'AubignyBaronial Companion09/12/2023
Arabella d'AubignyOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2016
Ari EgillsdottirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Arianna of LongnerOrder of the Golden Staple29/11/1997
Ariston HegelochouBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ariston HegelochouOrder of the Rowan Berries22/10/2022
Ariston HegelochouRapier Combat Champion17/12/2021
Ariston HegelochouBaronial Cypher11/04/2021
Ariston HegelochouOrder of the Golden Staple18/04/2019
Ariston HegelochouBaronesses Champion08/12/2018
Ariston HegelochouArmoured Combat Champion03/12/2011
Ariston HegelochouYeomanry17/07/2011
Ariston HegelochouArmoured Combat Champion12/12/2009
Armand de RochefortOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil29/03/1997
Arthur of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple23/11/2019
Arthur of St UrsulaBaronial Guard08/12/2018
Artos BarefootOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Atlia QuintiliaOrder of the Rowan Berries28/07/2018
Aveline de RoetOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Aveline de RoetOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Avery GoodfellowBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Barony of MordenvaleVictrix Banner22/04/2024
Bartolomeo AggazariOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/1996
Beatrice DelfiniOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Beatrice DelfiniOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Beatrice Maria MalatestaOrder of the Frantic Falcon02/04/2018
Beatrijs van DoornOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Bella Rose of OkewaiteOrder of the Rowan Berries14/06/2014
Berengar of NancyBaronial Guard02/04/2010
Berengar of NancyArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2004
Berengar of NancyOrder of the Golden Staple07/06/2003
Berengar of NancyYeomanry07/12/2002
Berengar of NancyArmoured Combat Champion01/12/2001
Bertrand de MonsBaronial Guard01/03/2001
Bess Haddon of YorkOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/06/1994
Bess of BucklandRowany Bard18/04/2003
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodYeomanry13/03/2004
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodOrder of the Frantic Falcon07/12/2002
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodOrder of the Rowan Berries09/03/2002
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodOrder of the Golden Staple22/08/1998
Bethan Daniels of BrockwoodBaronial Guard01/12/1997
Bjorn MeadmakerOrder of the Rowan Berries10/12/2016
Bjorn the DifficultBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Bjorn the DifficultYeomanry08/12/2018
Bjorn the DifficultBaronial Guard18/05/2014
Bleaney of BoltonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil12/04/2001
Bliss of TeineOrder of the Golden Staple25/03/2005
Bliss of TeineOrder of the Frantic Falcon04/12/1999
Boris AltdorferOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil20/04/2000
Brian le FaucheerOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil30/05/2015
Brusi of OrkneyYeomanry12/12/1992
Brusi of OrkneyOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Caelyn MacLeodOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Caelyn MacLeodOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/1994
Caera ShionnachOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil08/12/2018
Caia ConstantinaBaronial Guard08/12/2001
Caia ConstantinaOrder of the Golden Staple23/04/2000
Cairistiona nic BheathainBaronial Cypher17/05/2014
Caitlin of St. MonicaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Caleb AdolphusRapier Combat Champion09/12/2023
Caleb AdolphusArmoured Combat Champion05/12/2015
Caleb AdolphusOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Caleb AdolphusRapier Combat Champion08/12/2007
Caleb AdolphusYeomanry10/06/2006
Caleb AdolphusOrder of the Golden Staple12/06/2004
Caleb AdolphusBaronial Guard15/12/2000
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Golden Staple14/12/2013
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Frantic Falcon08/12/2001
Caristiona nic BheathainOrder of the Rowan Berries01/06/1994
Carla the UnquestionableOrder of the Frantic Falcon23/04/2000
Caspian d'NavarreBaronial Guard18/04/2003
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Rowan Berries05/02/2005
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Frantic Falcon08/12/2001
Catarina SansovinoOrder of the Golden Staple04/12/1999
Catherine McKenzieOrder of the Golden Staple29/07/2023
Catherine of GlastonburyOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Charles of the ParkOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil09/04/1993
Christia BarrettOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Cian InsheathgirOrder of the Golden Staple05/12/2015
Ciaran ShiranuiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Clara Bone-AventureOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Golden Staple13/03/2004
Clara van der MaesOrder of the Rowan Berries01/12/2002
Clement von ArlonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
College of St UrsulaVictrix Banner12/04/2009
Collette De HarcourtOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Constance of MordenvaleOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil21/04/2000
Corin AndersonBaronesses Champion10/12/2022
Corin AndersonOrder of the Rowan Haft10/12/2022
Corin AndersonOrder of the Rowan Berries11/12/2004
Corin AndersonArmoured Combat Champion01/08/1998
Corin AndersonYeomanry28/09/1996
Corin AndersonOrder of the Golden Staple15/04/1995
Corin AndersonBaronial Guard26/11/1994
Crispin SexiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2022
Crispin SexiOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Cristoval GitanoBaronial Cypher24/10/2009
Cristoval GitanoOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil18/04/2003
Cuilen na DiorBaronial Guard02/04/2004
Darken der BraunOrder of the Golden Staple29/11/1997
David Collier of St JohnOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
David Evans of St JohnOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
Declan of DroghedaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil30/04/2017
Diego EscobarBaronial Guard02/12/2006
Dietrich LehrerOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
Dragana RosaOrder of the Golden Staple12/10/2016
Dragana RosaBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Dragana RosaOrder of the Dovetail17/07/2011
Drake MorganOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil02/04/1999
Drogo von KonigsbergOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1996
Dustinian du FauxOrder of the Golden Staple30/04/2017
Dustinian du FauxOrder of the Golden Staple14/03/2015
Eckellan NahwynBaronial Guard07/12/2019
Eckellen NahwynOrder of the Golden Staple21/04/2024
Eckellen NahwynBaronial Guard09/12/2023
Eckellen NahwynYeomanry15/04/2023
Eckellen NahwynArmoured Combat Champion10/12/2022
Edda OddasdottírOrder of the Rowan Berries10/12/2022
Edmund AleconnerOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil09/04/2004
Edric de ForteOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/1994
Edric de ForteBaronial Guard04/12/1993
Edward WaltonOrder of the Frantic Falcon12/10/2016
Edward WaltonBaronial Guard05/12/2015
Eglentyne FennOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Elayne MontjoyOrder of the Rowan Berries30/11/1996
Elena BreddersBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Elena de MoraviaOrder of the Golden Staple01/04/2017
Elizabeth de FoxleOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Elle AnnsdottirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/12/2008
Eloise dArnellOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Eloise dArnellOrder of the Frantic Falcon05/05/1993
Elvira de LunaOrder of the Rowan Berries05/05/2019
Elwald KnudsonBaronial Guard16/04/2023
Elwald KnudsonOrder of the Golden Staple15/04/2023
Elwald KnudsonBaronial Companion18/04/2019
Elwald KnudsonOrder of the Rowan Berries01/02/2018
Elyssant de MontroseOrder of the Golden Staple04/08/2007
Emma of StoweOrder of the Golden Staple29/07/2023
Emma of StoweBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Emma of StoweBaronial Companion08/12/2018
Enderl of the TurnipsBaronial Guard11/12/2004
Engelin TeufelOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2008
Eohwyn Morgana of GwyneddOrder of the Rowan Berries13/08/1997
Eric HrafnBaronial Guard05/04/1996
Eric HrafnOrder of the Golden Staple30/03/1996
Fabia MaximaOrder of the Frantic Falcon10/12/2022
Fabia MaximaBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Fabia MaximaOrder of the Rowan Berries19/03/2022
Fabia MaximaBaronial Companion12/10/2016
Felix TerribleYeomanry24/03/2018
Felix TerribleArmoured Combat Champion12/10/2016
Felix TerribleBaronial Guard13/12/2014
Filippa Ginevra Francesca di LucignanoBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Filippa Ginevra Francesca di LucignanoOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Filippa Ginevra Francesca di LucignanoOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Filippa Ginevra Francesca di LucignanoOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairBaronial Cypher08/12/2018
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairOrder of the Frantic Falcon13/12/2003
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairOrder of the Golden Staple31/03/2003
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairOrder of the Rowan Berries01/07/2002
Fineamhain an Einigh inghean ui ChonchobhairRowany Bard13/04/2001
Folclind AurifaberOrder of the Rowan Berries12/12/2009
Folclind AurifaberOrder of the Rowan Berries23/10/2004
Francis MarvellBaronial Guard17/05/2014
François Henri GuyonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil25/11/2000
Freya Haare in HeppnaOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Gabriella della Santa CroceOrder of the Golden Staple02/04/1999
Gabriella della Santa CroceOrder of the Frantic Falcon30/11/1996
Gabriella della Santa CroceOrder of the Rowan Berries09/12/1995
Gabrielle de La RivierreOrder of the Golden Staple24/03/2018
Gaius Quintilius AntoninusOrder of the Golden Staple15/04/2023
Gaius Quntiiulius AntoninusYeomanry07/12/2019
Gaius Quntiiulius AntoninusOrder of the Golden Staple21/10/2017
Gavius the MakerBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Gavius the MakerArmoured Combat Champion17/12/2021
Gavius the MakerBaronial Guard26/01/2019
Gawayne d IbelinYeomanry08/12/2002
Gawayne d IbelinOrder of the Golden Staple25/11/2000
Gawayne d IbelinArmoured Combat Champion01/08/1999
Geldric of the TurnipsBaronial Guard26/03/2005
Geoffery of ExeterOrder of the Rowan Berries01/01/2001
Gerald of YorkBaronial Guard18/04/2003
Giblet GibletssonBaronial Guard27/11/1994
Gilchrist MorganOrder of the Frantic Falcon22/04/2024
Gilchrist MorganBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Gildas of St UrsulaBaronial Guard13/12/2003
Giles LeabrookBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Giles LeabrookOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil10/04/2004
Gillian BramptonOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Gillian BramptonBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Gillian BramptonBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Gillian BramptonOrder of the Frantic Falcon24/03/2008
Gillian BramptonOrder of the Rowan Berries11/12/2004
Go MurasakiBaronial Guard27/02/2015
Gomez de CrecyRapier Combat Champion10/12/2022
Gomez de CrecyBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Gomez de CrecyOrder of the Dovetail16/04/2022
Gomez de CrecyBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Gomez de CrecyYeomanry17/05/2014
Good Man BazzelOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/10/2022
Gregorie le ScruffOrder of the Golden Staple13/06/2004
Gregory the VylOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/12/2003
Grisel KincaidOrder of the Golden Staple16/04/2022
Grisel KincaidOrder of the Rowan Berries05/12/2015
Gryffen WillowbeeOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Gudrun BodvarsdottirBaronial Cypher13/04/2009
Gudrun BodvarsdottirOrder of the Golden Staple13/04/2009
Gudrun BodvarsdottirOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/03/1997
Guthfrith YrlingsonBaronial Guard11/04/1998
Gwen verch DavidOrder of the Rowan Berries21/07/2017
Gwen verch DavidBaronial Companion21/05/2014
Hanbal Al-BarbaryOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2009
Haos WindchaserOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1985
Harry of EcclesBaronial Guard05/04/1996
Heinrich Eberhart von ThornYeomanry16/03/2019
Heinrich Eberhart von ThornBaronial Guard05/12/2015
Heinrich Eberhart von ThornOrder of the Dovetail23/08/2014
Helen James of AescléahOrder of the Frantic Falcon29/11/1997
Helen James of AescléahOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Helen James of AescléahOrder of the Rowan Berries28/09/1996
Helen James of AescléahYeomanry28/09/1996
Helen James of AescléahBaronial Guard01/04/1994
Helene d BonnetOrder of the Rowan Berries23/10/2004
Helene du PuyOrder of the Frantic Falcon13/06/2004
Helene du PuyOrder of the Rowan Berries13/12/2003
Helia de la VegaOrder of the Dovetail21/04/2024
Helia de la VegaOrder of the Golden Staple25/11/2023
Helouys le PoerOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/06/2014
Housse DescartesVictrix Banner05/04/2010
Hrafn inn RauðiYeomanry09/12/2023
Hrafn inn RauðiBaronial Cypher19/03/2022
Hrafn inn RauðiBaronial Guard20/04/2018
Hrafn inn RauðiOrder of the Golden Staple21/10/2017
Hrafnhildr JohansdottirCandle of Friendship11/11/2023
Hrafnhildr JohansdottirOrder of the Rowan Berries29/07/2023
Hrafnhildr JohansdottirBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Hrafnhildr JohansdottirOrder of the Golden Staple08/12/2018
Hróðný AradóttirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2009
Hrothgar aet GytingbrocYeomanry01/09/2007
Hrothgar aet GytingbrocOrder of the Frantic Falcon13/06/2004
Hrothgar aet GytingbrocOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Hrothgar aet GytingbrocBaronial Guard09/12/1995
Hugh de CalaisBaronial Cypher12/12/2009
Hugh de CalaisBaronial Guard13/12/2008
Hugh FortesmainsOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Hugh LouisOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Hugh LouisOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Hunydd verch Madyn DuyBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Hunydd verch Madyn DuyOrder of the Frantic Falcon24/03/2008
Hunydd verch Madyn DuyOrder of the Golden Staple08/12/2007
Hunydd verch Madyn DuyOrder of the Rowan Berries11/12/2004
Hunydd verch Madyn DuyBaronial Guard13/12/2003
Ilona SkaldjaOrder of the Rowan Berries16/03/2019
Ilona SkaldjaRowany Bard10/12/2016
Ilona SkaldjaBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Ilona SkaldjaOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Ilona SkaldjaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Iosbail inghean Mhartainn mhic DhonnchaidhOrder of the Rowan Berries14/03/2015
Iosbail inghean Mhartainn mhic DhonnchaidhOrder of the Golden Staple19/07/2014
Isabella ContariniOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/1991
Isobel le BretounOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil18/04/2003
Istvan PannoniusOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Istvan PannoniusOrder of the Rowan Berries28/09/1996
Jadwiga WojciechowaArmoured Combat Champion14/12/2013
Jan JannsenBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Jan JannsenOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Jane KennedyOrder of the Golden Staple19/07/2014
Jane KennedyOrder of the Rowan Berries06/09/2008
Jasper ScarlettBaronial Guard09/12/2023
Jasper ScarlettBaronial Guard10/12/2022
Jasper ScarlettOrder of the Rowan Berries10/12/2022
Jasper ScarlettBaronial Page25/03/2016
Jean Christophe le SaussierBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Jean Christophe le SaussierBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Jean Christophe le SaussierYeomanry10/12/2017
Jean Christophe le SaussierArmoured Combat Champion13/12/2014
Jean Christophe le SaussierOrder of the Golden Staple18/04/2014
Jeneuer le GelinerBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Jeneuer le GelinerOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Jeneuer le GelinerOrder of the Rowan Berries17/05/2014
Jeneuer le GelinerBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Jethro MoorcockOrder of the Golden Staple09/12/2023
Jochen SchwalbeOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
Jock McTavishYeomanry28/09/1996
Jock McTavishBaronial Guard11/04/1993
Jofridr OlfusOrder of the Rowan Berries10/06/2006
Johanna of RadburneBaronial Cypher22/05/2010
John LongshanksOrder of the Dovetail08/12/2018
John LongshanksBaronial Guard16/04/2016
John LongshanksRapier Combat Champion12/12/2009
John of the HillsOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1996
Joie Tigre d'ArgentonaBaronial Cypher06/09/2008
Joie Tigre d'ArgentonaOrder of the Golden Staple01/09/2007
Joie Tigre d'ArgentonaOrder of the Rowan Berries13/12/2003
Jon Dai of the LaneOrder of the Rowan Berries01/04/2016
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaOrder of the Golden Staple27/01/2019
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaOrder of the Dovetail03/12/2016
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaOrder of the Rowan Berries03/12/2016
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaArmoured Combat Champion01/12/2002
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaArmoured Combat Champion25/11/2000
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaYeomanry04/12/1999
Juan Sanchez de Mendoza y LoyolaBaronial Guard12/12/1992
Jude Aleksandr DonetskBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Jude Aleksandr DonetskOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/2019
Jude Aleksandr DonetskRapier Combat Champion07/12/2019
Jude Aleksandr DonetskBaronial Guard08/12/2018
Jude Aleksandr DonetskYeomanry12/10/2016
Jude Aleksandr DonetskRapier Combat Champion13/12/2014
Judith FletcherOrder of the Golden Staple08/12/2001
Juliana de la RokeleOrder of the Golden Staple12/12/2003
Juliana de NorthwoodOrder of the Golden Staple14/12/2013
Juliana de NorthwoodOrder of the Rowan Berries03/12/2011
Jurgan of the MountainBaronial Guard18/04/2019
Jutai the Destroyer of WorldsBaronial Cypher05/04/2010
Jutai the Destroyer of WorldsBaronial Guard13/04/2009
Kaitorix AvernomOrder of the Rowan Berries09/12/2023
Kaitorix AvernomOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Kaitorix AvernomBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Kaitorix AvernomBaronial Cypher19/03/2022
Kallisfeniia TykvinaBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Karl Faustus von AachenOrder of the Golden Staple18/08/2001
Karl Faustus von AachenRowany Bard01/04/2000
Katerina Cuylter of LancastreBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Katherne RischerOrder of the Rowan Berries25/03/2018
Katherne RischerOrder of the Frantic Falcon25/04/2011
Katherne RischerOrder of the Frantic Falcon03/12/2005
Katherne RischerOrder of the Golden Staple01/03/2003
Kathryn van AmereBaronial Companion13/12/2014
Katla KnarrabringaOrder of the Golden Staple28/07/2018
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Golden Staple30/05/2015
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Frantic Falcon17/05/2014
Katrijn van DeldenOrder of the Golden Staple22/05/2010
Kelly of St MonicaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Rowan Haft10/12/2022
Keridwen the MouseBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Keridwen the MouseBaronesses Champion07/12/2019
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Frantic Falcon01/03/1999
Keridwen the MouseYeomanry01/12/1994
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Rowan Berries26/11/1994
Keridwen the MouseOrder of the Golden Staple30/07/1994
Keridwen the MouseBaronial Guard12/12/1992
Kinggiyadai OrlokArmoured Combat Champion09/12/2023
Kinggiyadai OrlokArmoured Combat Champion13/12/2003
Kinggiyadai OrlokOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/2002
Kinggiyadai OrlokYeomanry04/12/1999
Kinggiyadai OrlokBaronial Guard15/04/1995
Kira of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Kiriel du PapillonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Kolfinna BurlufótrOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil09/12/2023
KyrosOrder of the Rowan Berries17/12/2021
Lady HostiliaOrder of the Rowan Berries08/12/2018
Lannekin Eld WolfArmoured Combat Champion11/12/2010
Lannekin Eld WolfArmoured Combat Champion13/12/2008
Lars LeifssonYeomanry28/09/1996
Lars LeifssonOrder of the Golden Staple16/04/1995
Lars LeifssonBaronial Guard17/04/1992
LeifBaronial Guard20/04/2018
Leifa of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple18/04/2019
Leinad of StoweBaronial Guard10/04/2009
Líadan ingen MurchadaBaronial Guard29/11/1997
Liam?Baronial Guard08/12/2018
Lilavati MetoikeOrder of the Rowan Berries05/12/2015
Lilavati MetoikeOrder of the Golden Staple26/03/2011
Lilya bint HizirOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2009
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Rowan Haft09/12/2023
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Rowan Berries17/05/2014
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinYeomanry17/05/2014
Lindoret of Bryn MyrddinOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Llewen the UnrulyOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Llewen the UnrulyOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Llywelyn PenbrasOrder of the Dovetail12/10/2016
Loralein del lIsolaOrder of the Rowan Berries03/01/2001
Loralein dell IsolaOrder of the Golden Staple03/01/2001
Lorcan of RiverhavenOrder of the Frantic Falcon17/05/2014
Luan an FaelRapier Combat Champion13/12/2003
Lyssa LlewensdottirOrder of the Frantic Falcon18/04/2014
Lyssa LlewensdottirOrder of the Rowan Berries22/11/2008
Mador de MarYeomanry28/09/1996
Mador de MarOrder of the Golden Staple09/12/1995
Mador de MarBaronial Guard17/04/1992
Maelgwyn ap GwilymOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Maelgwyn ap GwilymOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Maelgywn of AdoraOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil08/08/2021
Magdelene Elisa dei MoriOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil01/04/1994
Magnuis ThegjandiBaronial Guard26/03/2005
Magnus ThorbjarnarsonOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2022
Mairi of KilravockOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2016
Mairi of KilravockOrder of the Rowan Berries14/03/2015
Malachi von RigaRowany Bard10/04/1998
Malachi von RigaBaronial Guard29/11/1997
Manfred von FaulkenbergOrder of the Frantic Falcon05/04/2010
Marcus WaffenschmidtOrder of the Rowan Berries06/06/2003
Marguerité de Rada y SilvaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Marguerité de Rada y SilvaOrder of the Rowan Berries04/12/1993
Marguerité de Rada y SilvaOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Mariana de GaelOrder of the Rowan Berries10/03/2001
Marie de LyonBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Marie de LyonOrder of the Frantic Falcon05/04/2010
Marit the WandererOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil05/04/1996
Marit the WandererOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Marozia moglie di Basilio BraccioliniOrder of the Golden Staple19/07/2014
Marrack NankervaisBaronial Cypher13/04/2009
Marrack NankervaisBaronial Guard23/03/2008
Mathais von MassenbachBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Mathais von MassenbachBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Mathais von MassenbachOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2016
Mathias von MassenbachOrder of the Frantic Falcon29/07/2023
Mathias von MassenbachOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/12/2014
Mathilde Ficke SittBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Mathilde Ficke SittBaronial Cypher17/12/2021
Mathilde Ficke SittOrder of the Rowan Berries11/04/2021
Mathilde Ficke SittOrder of the Golden Staple23/11/2019
Mathilde Ficke SittOrder of the Rowan Berries23/11/2019
Matthijs Tjepke van der HorstOrder of the Golden Staple09/03/2024
Matthijs Tjepke van der HorstBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Matthijs Tjepke van der HorstBaronial Cypher17/12/2021
Matthijs Tjepke van der HorstRapier Combat Champion08/12/2018
Matthijs Tjepke van der HorstYeomanry08/12/2018
Medb ingen ind IasachtaOrder of the Dovetail22/10/2022
Medb ingen ind IasachtaBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Medb ingen ind IasachtaOrder of the Frantic Falcon13/12/2003
Medb ingen ind IasachtaOrder of the Golden Staple25/10/2000
Medb ingen ind IasachtaOrder of the Rowan Berries04/12/1999
Megge a LandulphOrder of the Rowan Berries18/04/2019
Megge a LandulphBaronial Guard02/12/2006
Melangell de BretagneOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Meliora de CurciOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil02/04/1999
Merrin Asselby (of Underriver)Order of the Golden Staple01/03/1999
Mevanwy of StormholdBaronial Cypher17/07/2011
Mevanwy of StormholdOrder of the Golden Staple26/03/2011
Michael of Galacia (MoG)Order of the Golden Staple16/07/2011
Michael of Galacia (MoG)Order of the Rowan Berries27/07/2002
Michael of GalliciaOrder of the Golden Staple04/08/2007
MickBaronial Guard02/12/2006
Mikkel of RowanyRapier Combat Champion09/12/2017
Miles de ColwellOrder of the Golden Staple09/12/2023
Miles de ColwellArmoured Combat Champion03/12/2005
Miles de ColwellBaronial Guard08/12/2001
Minamoto no HideakiBaronial Guard21/04/2024
Minamoto no HideakiBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Minamoto no HideakiBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Minamoto no HideakiBaronial Companion13/12/2019
Minamoto no HideakiOrder of the Rowan Berries23/11/2019
Minamoto no HideakiOrder of the Golden Staple12/04/2018
Mohammed ibn KurryOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Monique de la Maison RougeOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Morgainne of St UrsulaBaronial Guard08/12/2007
Morgant ap RhysOrder of the Golden Staple11/12/2004
Naran BaatuudOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2022
Naran BatuudBaronial Guard10/12/2022
Natasha NaughtonBaronial Guard22/05/2014
Nicklaus SturmgreifferBaronial Guard04/12/1999
Nicklaus SturmgreifferYeomanry04/12/1999
Northern Duchy TeamVictrix Banner24/03/2008
Odette de la RiveRapier Combat Champion05/12/2015
Oisin A runOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Olaf of GlendaleBaronial Guard29/03/1997
Order of St JohnBaronial Cypher13/04/2009
OresteBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Osanna of StoweOrder of the Golden Staple27/01/2019
Otillia SimionBaronial Guard17/12/2021
Otto von SchwartzwaldRowany Bard25/11/2000
Padraic LowtherYeomanry20/11/2010
Padraic LowtherBaronial Cypher02/08/2008
Padraic LowtherOrder of the Frantic Falcon16/06/2007
Padraic LowtherBaronial Guard03/12/2005
Padraic LowtherOrder of the Golden Staple11/12/2004
Patri de BuckOrder of the Golden Staple22/10/2022
Philippa WildefuhelOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
Phillip OneeyeOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/1991
Phridory the VainOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil02/04/1999
Raegan of LunihawkBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Raegan of LunihawkOrder of the Dovetail13/12/2020
Raegan of LunihawkRapier Combat Champion10/12/2016
Raegan of LunihawkYeomanry10/12/2016
Raegan of LunihawkOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2016
Raegan of LunihawkBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Rainald FitzrenyardOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2005
Rainald FitzrenyardBaronial Guard07/12/2002
Rainald FitzrenyardOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher11/06/2022
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Ran NjalldottirOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2020
Ran NjalldottirBaronial Companion16/03/2019
Ran NjalldottirOrder of the Rowan Berries12/04/2018
Ranif PallesserOrder of the Rowan Berries05/05/2019
Ranif PallesserBaronial Guard16/04/2016
Ranif PallesserYeomanry30/05/2015
Ranif PallesserOrder of the Golden Staple14/03/2015
Raoul de ChenonceauxOrder of the Golden Staple01/05/1993
Raoul de ChenonceauxOrder of the Rowan Berries11/04/1993
Raven WulfsbaneBaronial Guard07/12/1991
Raymond of AnnanYeomanry12/12/1992
Raymond of AnnanOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Raymond of AnnanOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/1991
Richard de la CroixOrder of the Rowan Berries07/12/1991
Riona of CaerleonOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Riona of CaerleonBaronial Guard15/04/1995
Riona of CaerleonOrder of the Rowan Berries26/11/1994
Robert GascardeYeomanry07/12/2002
Robert GascardeBaronial Guard29/03/1997
Robert the StoutBaronial Guard10/04/2004
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Archery Champion09/12/2023
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Companion10/12/2022
Rosalind BeaufortBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Rosalind BeaufortOrder of the Golden Staple11/04/2021
Rosalind BeaufortOrder of the Frantic Falcon10/12/2016
Rosy of RowanyBaronial Companion17/05/2014
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Rowan Berries04/12/1999
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Rowan PerigrynneOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Rowland BridgefordOrder of the Frantic Falcon22/04/2024
Royal WarbandVictrix Banner17/04/2023
Safiya bint Abd al-ShahidOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil07/12/2019
Safiya bint al-ShadhidOrder of the Golden Staple12/03/2016
Salbiorg VisOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/2019
Salbiorg VisOrder of the Dovetail23/03/2018
Science of St UrsulaOrder of the Rowan Berries17/05/2014
Sean the BastardYeomanry13/03/2004
Sean the BastardOrder of the Golden Staple09/03/2002
Sean the BastardBaronial Guard25/11/2000
Sebastiann PennOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
SesencoOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Seumas Mac ThorsteynOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Shinjo TakameOrder of the Golden Staple19/03/2022
Sigvaldr SviðandiBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Sigvaldr SviðandiOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Sigvaldr SviðandiYeomanry17/05/2014
Sihtric SilfrorBaronial Cypher13/12/2008
Sihtric SilfrorBaronial Guard08/12/2007
Sihtric SilfrorOrder of the Golden Staple13/06/2004
Sihtric SilfrörOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil13/04/2001
Silfren the SingerOrder of the Golden Staple08/12/2001
Skarp-Heðin SverðvarpnirOrder of the Golden Staple01/10/2012
Skiotr of RowanyOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2020
Skæringr ArtaArmoured Combat Champion07/12/2019
Sláine inghean Uí RuadháinOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/04/2023
Sophia van DorneOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/05/2014
Sorle MaknicollOrder of the Golden Staple17/05/2014
Sorle MaknicollBaronial Cypher05/04/2010
Sorle MaknicollBaronial Guard22/03/2008
Steina SilversmithBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Steina SilversmithOrder of the Golden Staple22/10/2022
Steina SilversmithOrder of the Rowan Berries22/10/2022
Stigh JoghenssonOrder of the Golden Staple10/12/2022
Stigh JoghenssonYeomanry15/04/2017
Stigh JoghenssonArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2012
Stigh JoghenssonBaronial Guard01/03/1992
Stobold of St UrsulaBaronial Cypher11/04/2021
Stobold of St UrsulaOrder of the Golden Staple23/11/2019
Stone of RowanyBaronial Guard18/04/2019
Styvyn LongshanksBaronial Cypher12/12/2009
Styvyn LongshanksRowany Bard20/06/2009
Styvyn LongshanksBaronial Guard13/12/2008
Svanhild Inn UrsulaBaronial Companion17/05/2015
Sveinn inn kyrri GrimssonOrder of the Rowan Berries09/03/2008
Sveinn inn kyrri GrimssonOrder of the Golden Staple07/04/2007
Szebastian GreenbowBaronial Guard12/12/2009
Talbot of OakdaleOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil29/11/1997
Talia le Roche GuyonBaronial Guard28/03/2002
Talia le Roche GuyonOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Tancred Enrico di CastrogiovanniBaronial Guard01/04/1994
Tancred Enrico di CastrogiovanniOrder of the Golden Staple04/12/1993
Tangwstyl Goch of LlanfaesOrder of the Golden Staple26/11/1994
Tangwstyl Goch of LlanfaesBaronial Guard04/12/1993
Tanw the ConfusedArmoured Combat Champion25/11/2000
Tanw the ConfusedOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Tanw the ConfusedOrder of the Rowan Berries12/12/1992
Tanw the ConfusedYeomanry12/12/1992
Tanw the ConfusedBaronial Guard07/12/1991
Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríRapier Combat Champion13/12/2008
Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríRapier Combat Champion12/12/2004
Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríOrder of the Golden Staple13/12/2003
Táriq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-NaysábúríRapier Combat Champion08/12/2001
Tatiana Konstantinova RuslanovaBaronial Artisan17/05/2014
Tatiana Konstantinova RuslanovaOrder of the Dovetail17/05/2014
Tatiana Konstantinova RuslanovaRowany Bard09/03/2008
Tatiana Konstantinova RuslanovaOrder of the Rowan Berries04/08/2007
Tatiana Konstantinova RuslanovaOrder of the Golden Staple16/06/2007
Terrence of RadburnOrder of the Frantic Falcon17/05/2014
Thaddeus BlayneyBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Theodulfus Vindocladius AudaxYeomanry08/12/2018
Theodulfus Vindocladius AudaxOrder of the Rowan Berries19/04/2014
Theodulfus Vindocladius AudaxBaronial Guard12/12/2009
Thomas of the AbyssBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Thomas PearceBaronial Guard29/03/1997
Thorbjorn SvifnhorniBaronial Guard12/12/2017
Thorbjorn SvithinhorniYeomanry19/03/2022
Thorbjorn SvithinhorniArmoured Combat Champion08/12/2018
Titus Quintilluis CalidusOrder of the Golden Staple01/04/2017
Titus Quintilluis CalidusBaronial Guard12/10/2016
Tokar of St MalachyBaronial Guard07/12/2019
Torcaill mac Léoid mhic ÍomhairOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil22/04/2024
Torg o HawkhurstOrder of the Dovetail16/07/2011
Torg o HawkhurstYeomanry07/12/2002
Torg o HawkhurstYeomanry04/12/1999
Torg of HawkhurstOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Torg of HawkhurstOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Tsui Fei LongArmoured Combat Champion09/12/2017
Tullia QuintilliaBaronial Companion09/12/2023
Tullia QuintilliaOrder of the Golden Staple12/11/2023
Tullia QuintilliaBaronial Companion22/10/2022
Ulric JohannsonBaronial Guard25/11/2000
Unnr AudinarsdottirOrder of the Frantic Falcon22/10/2022
Unnr AudinarsdottirOrder of the Golden Staple01/02/2018
Vandel LyncheaOrder of the Frantic Falcon07/04/2012
Vandel LyncheaBaronial Cypher24/03/2008
Vandel LyncheaOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil17/06/2007
Victoria ThrakesinaOrder of the Rowan Berries09/12/2017
Victoria ThrakesinaOrder of the Golden Staple25/11/2000
Viktor ZagreevBaronial Guard25/11/2000
Viktor ZagreevOrder of the Frantic Falcon24/04/2000
Viktor ZagreevOrder of the Golden Staple02/04/1999
Vincent HazardOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil14/04/2017
VolundOrder of the Rowan Berries13/12/2003
Waltheof GodwinessonBaronial Guard04/12/1999
Wee Jamie BlackhartOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil02/04/1999
Willem de GreyBaronial Guard03/12/2005
William de la Montaigne CoupeBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
William de la Montaigne CoupeYeomanry12/10/2016
William de la Montaigne CoupeBaronial Guard17/05/2014
William de la Montaigne CoupeOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
William of WisbyYeomanry28/09/1996
William of WisbyOrder of the Golden Staple14/04/1995
William of WisbyBaronial Guard18/04/1992
Wolfgang Maramond Blackthorn (Bounce)Baronial Guard03/04/1999
Wulfric of MaldonOrder of the Golden Staple28/09/1996
Wulfric of MaldonBaronial Guard09/12/1995
Wulfsige ClovenhaftOrder of the Rowan Haft22/10/2022
Wulfsige ClovenhaftOrder of the Frantic Falcon28/09/1996
Wulfsige ClovenhaftYeomanry28/09/1996
Ykaterina Vaginavich BychkovOrder of the Golden Staple15/04/2023
Ykaterina Vaginavich BychkovOrder of the Frantic Falcon10/12/2022
Ykaterina Vaginavich BychkovBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Ykaterina Vaginavich BychkovOrder of the Rowan Berries19/03/2022
Ykaterina Vaginavich BychkovBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Yolande KestevenBaronial Cypher22/10/2022
Yolande KestevenBaronial Cypher08/08/2021
Yolande KestevenOrder of the Rowan Berries29/03/2003
Yolande KestevenOrder of the Golden Staple29/03/1997
Yorick RadgestrBaronial Guard17/05/2014
Yorik Bedlamite the ConfusedOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil28/03/1997
Ysambart CourtinOrder of the Silver Cinquefoil02/04/2010
Yseult de LacyOrder of the Rowan Berries28/09/1996
Yseult de LacyOrder of the Golden Staple07/12/1991
Ædward StadefæsteArmoured Combat Champion02/12/2006
Ædward StadefæsteYeomanry03/12/2005
Ædward StadefæsteBaronial Guard12/12/2004