Barony of River Haven
Roll of Arms
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Disclaimer: This site does not delineate Lochac or SCA heraldic policy. it is recommended that the depiction of emblazons on this site only be used as a very basic guide and not used to create emblazons for submission.

Adeline de Montfort

Agro of River Haven

Aine of the Hounds

Airyk Eriksson the Sinister

Alasdair Blackhill

Angelina Rossi

Angus MacTavisch

Anne of Huntingdon Loxley

Asa beiskalda

Athelstan of Tilbrook

Aulay Leod

Axel van Rügen

Beatrice Maria Malatesta

Brigit Shannon

Brodhir MacDathi

Cara of Kirriemuir

Catherine the Friendly

Celia the Fair

Cheng Weiming

Contarina la Bianca

Dalla Spakona

Damian of Drax

Dimitrii Borodinskii

Draco de Euruic

Edmund the Lame

Edward Dymoke

Elayne de Glanville

Ela de Areci

Eleanor of Caithness

Elena de Montague

Ellen Shannon

Emmerick von Adlershorst

Esclarmonde de La Tour

Everard de Brieuse

Gabriella Borromei

Godric von Eichsfeld

Griffin Rede

Gwilym Llonydd

Gwyneth Catriona McClellan

Gwynhavyr of River Haven

Hafdan Shieldbreaker

Harald of Sigtuna

Heloise of Sherborne

Henry Fox

Howel Pascoe

Hróðný Aradóttir

Hrothgar Breaksword

Isobel aus Chevaux

Jacques du Bar sur le Loup

Jean le Horner

Jessica of Fearn Abbey

Johanna Wendover

Josseline de la Cour

Julia di Rosso Martelli

Katherine Alicia of Salisbury

Konrad von Strassburg

Lorcan of River Haven

Madog Llwyd ap Madog

Marguerite de Chemillé

Marion de Pax Ford

Merewyn degli Fiore

Michael Shannon

Milisandia verch Llewelyn

Mordred Boarslayer

Morgan of the Eagle's Nest

Myfanwy of Abersytwyth

Pádraig Ravensblood

Patrick Shannon

Peter the Uncertain

Radulf Dimichevaler

Ragnarr Olafsson

Raven Whitelock

Riccardo Pugliesi

Richard Arrowe

Ringwar Northwood

Robert Robare the Rhos

Robin of Twyford

Robin the Ruthless in Battel

Ruric the Grey

Seamus of Coll

Sibilia da Montefeltro

Siona of the Eagle's Nest

Somerled of Redcliff

Susanna Marshall

Tatiiana Kalinina

Thorbrand the Red

Þorgrímr inn snjalli

William Castille

William de Tosny

William of Riverhaven

Wolfgang Adolphus Jäger

Yamamoto Kenjiro Yoshimitsu

Zachary Attwater