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Valdemar Sigurdson
Vyolet Lyllycroppe

Wakeline de Foxley to Wystan of Wallesende

Wakeline de Foxley

Waldemar of Livonia

Waldemar van der Daughawe

Waldo Turner

Wee Jamie Blackhart

Wenefrith Everett de Calabria

Wilfrid of Sumersæte

Willehelm von Tannenberg

Willemyne van Nymegen

Willem Tobias

William filius Willelmi de Wyke

William Addemere

William Bekwith

William Beren Randolf

William Castille

William de Bonnay

William de Cameron

William de la Montaigne Coupe

William de Ness

William de Perham

William de Tosny

William Dumart-en-Ponthieu

William Elleison

William Forester de Blacwode

William Montrose

William of Heselburn

William of Riverhaven

William of Thetford

William of Torlyon

William of Wakefield

William of Waterford

William of Wisby

William Redfox

William Stone

William the bear Rose

William the Black

Willow of Cairn Fell

Will Dekne

Wintherus Alban of Oxley

Wolff Hebenstreit

Wolfgang Adolphus Jäger

Wolfgang Germanicus

Wolfgang of Transylvania

Wolfram Flammenherz

Wolfstanus Crakescheld

Wulfflæd of Hæselbroce

Wulfgar jarnsiða

Wulfgar the Bowman

Wulfred Haraldsson

Wulfric Greycloak

Wulfric h{y-}regilda

Wulfric of Bordescros

Wulfsige Clovenhaft

Wulfwine Grimwald

Wulf Peace of Kantara

Wynnflæd æt West-Seaxum

Wystan of Wallesende