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This site does not delineate Lochac or SCA heraldic policy.
It is recommended that the depiction of emblazons on this site only be used as a very general basic guide and not used to create emblazons for submission.

Hadassah bat Yisrael
Hunydd verch Madyn Duy

Martin the Juggler to Ivetta de Bello Campo

Jack of Land's End
Julyan of Glencoe

Martin the Juggler

Iain James MacLaren

Iames Douglas

Ianto van Diemen

Ian of Loudoun

Ian the Upstanding

Iasynia Anggelina Ioanova

Ida Noe

Iestyn ap Cadfael ap Ianto ap Danno ap Richard ap Owen ap Rhys o'r Cwm

Iglesia Delamere

Ilaria da Vale

Ildaria Nunez de Caminha

Imagina Bertram

Inga Þunnkárr

Ingerith Ryzka

Ingibjorg Ambadóttir

Ingvarr Karlason

Inigo Missaglia

Iohannes Melinnith

Iosbail inghean Mhartainn mhic Dhonnchaidh

Irmengart von Olsperg

Isaac of Damascus

Isaac Underwode

Isabeau Normandy

Isabeau of the Wylde Woode

Isabella Rossini

Isabella Agnes van Lichtervelde

Isabella Contarini

Isabella dell'Isola

Isabella de Bordeaux

Isabella de Mellis

Isabella Lucrezia de Zaragoza

Isabella Rose Gardiner

Isabelle Lucas

Isabell Winter

Isabel Claworth

Isabel de Annesley

Isabel de Beaumont of Belasis

Isabel María del Aguila

Isadora d'Este

Ísælfr hilditönn Heilvésdóttir

Ismena Gamel

Isobel de la Rose

Isobel aus Chevaux

Isobel Bacon

Isobel le Bretoun

Isobel of Silvermere

Isolda Deye

Isolda de Chasteaulin

Isolde of Ildhafn

Isolde van Wilravenssijde

Issabell de la Villa

Ite ingen Demmain

Ivetta de Bello Campo